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Dope Black Woman Podcast Resources

Tyson's Program Work (FSMEI)

Black August Summer Institute

Culturally immersive program for youth and adults that focuses on revolutionary Black History, self defense, financial literacy/cooperative economics, emergency first aid and permaculture. 

BLACK Program (Building Leaders & Activists with Collective Knowledge)

BLACK Program (Session Example)

Tyson Amir Curriculum Items

The Black Boy Poems Curriculum was developed to harness the learning power of Tyson Amir's text, Black Boy Poems. The curriculum is aligned to common core and California state standards for Social Studies, English Language Arts, Ethnic Studies and Arts.

This playlist contains videos for every poem in Tyson Amir's book Black Boy Poems. Click the link here or above to access the playlist.

4 Bar Breakdown (Video Curriculum)

The 4 Bar Breakdown is the epitome of Hip Hop Pedagogy. The first installation breaks down the revolutionary history and philosophy behind the song BLVK Mirror by Tyson onBEATS. 

Articulation is Power (Video Curriculum)

Articulation is Power (AIP) is a trailblazing and revolutionary video curriculum series that focuses on radical creative expression. The AIP Video Curriculum series is just on example of the innovative learning work that FSMEI specializes in.

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