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Program Design & Implementation

FSMEI specializes in designing and implementing culturally relevant/responsive programming for classrooms, school districts and community. All of our programming is content standard aligned which allows students to receive school credit for participation.

Building Leaders & Activists with Collective Knowledge (BLACK) Program

The BLACK Program is social, historical and cultural program that is uniquely tailored to fit specific wants, needs and challenges of your learning community. Black Boy Poems and the Black Boy Poems Curriculum are the foundation of the curriculum in the BLACK Program.

Black Literary Collective

Authors providing much needed culturally/socially relevant and rigorous literary resources, programs and curricula to school districts, classrooms and teachers. Inspiring young learners and empowering them with the power of the pen.


Articulation is Power

Articulation is Power creates space in school settings for students to safely engage in exploration and articulation of their histories and narratives. Our process begins with decolonizing students’ understanding of narrative, storytelling, and literature. After this is established, participants will begin building a new foundation and relationship with narrative and literature, centering their experiences at the heart of the created material. Culminating in a published volume of student work. Lastly, students will acquire an entrepreneurial understanding of independent publishing through relationships with creative mentors who have successfully navigated the publishing industry.

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ESUHSD students holding copies of their published book.

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