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TraditionTyson onBEATS
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Tradition​ (Verse 1)


We on mission

Trying to carry on tradition

I know the government listen

They fighting for extradition.

They wishing my right 

to the first amendment be rescinded,

because when I'm penning these lyrics

the brothers and sisters in tenements hear it.

They look in the mirror 

and start feeling fearless.

They follow me 

marching down the block Marcus Garvey appearing 

in the flesh 

for the second time.

It's red, black and green on the crest 

Black Star Line

We been oppressed 

because they been obsessed 

they been trying to suppress this intellect 

since Imhotep the architect, 

but we stay building. 

I'm on my Benjamin Banneker, 

Lewis H. Latimer 

giving em light 

the reason they mad at us.

They preferring the shadows 

while we shining immaculate. 

They green with envy 

because they can't manufacture it 

got the African continent on my amulet. 

Feet color of burnt brass 

like Jesus of Nazareth. 

Every revolution needing a catalyst 

from the passages 

of The Spook Who Sat By The Door 

the protagonist. 

I'm moving like I'm Sam Greenlee 

in green fatigues 

while these Uncle Tom Kermits sipping they green tea. 

In these mean streets, 

the beast just want to feast, 

he just pulled up his seat, 

unfolds his handkerchief.

It’s like, dinner is served, monsieur bon-appetite.

The judges, the police 

the government on the sneak, 

the saga never cease, 

the cycle on repeat, 

the enemy on the creep 

the torch was passed to me. 

I'm trying to carry on tradition for my people to be free. 

Let’s get free!

Tradition (Verse 2)


Prepare your mind for the expansion

Can you fathom

They say we go from atoms to Adam

Design intelligent all because of the pattern 

It’s intrinsic, 

they say the wisdom is infinite 

And if a tip of the pen is dipped in oceans with reservoirs that are limitless 

to write a manuscript 

you still couldn't extinguish it. 

Feel the rhythm of the algorithmic.

This binary mind that’s balancing the Tao and physics. 

If consciousness is existence that postulates possibility is endless.

We oscillating between forces tremendous. 

Contemplating the source of beginnings. 

bidiyah nihiyah, alpha omega.

We’re looking for truth is it found in the Vedas 

or Siddhartha Gautama found in the shade of the Bodhi tree. 

And the potency of this poetry is somewhere on the level of what Odin speaks.

Decipher runes in some roman ruins. 

On second viewing Olmec statue nose is looking like it’s Patrick Ewing.

Tanakh chapters, Quran Surahs or it’s Buddhist sutras, 

in a cypher with shudras, my hand gestures look like Buddha's mudras. 


They try to knock the hustle but can’t knock Nanak the Guru.

They off that Hulu. 

Dude went dark side like Count Dukoo.

I'm making wudu on the steps of pyramid Khufu.

Holler Uhuru, keep on spitting this black voodoo.


Traditions we carry be ancient 

A myriad of perspectives trying to explain what our place is.

A complicated arrangement of colored faces, 

different languages, animals, minerals molecular, matrix 

heaven and hell, reincarnation.  

They’re all sides of the same conversation.

The real question, is it evolution or elevation? 

Is it really the fit who survive if the soul and mind are stuck in stagnation? 

Hi-technology, but impotent moral interpretations.

We ignore suffering by changing the station 

or playing with applications on a smart mobile device. 

Thousands in your social network but you can’t socialize.

The wolves in sheep clothing are coming, remove the wool from your eyes.

And we reap what we sew, we got a spool full of lies.  

Tradition says the way is in the heart, it's not in the sky.

Tradition says the way is in the heart, it’s not in the sky.  

Tradition says the way is in the heart, it’s not in the sky. 

And that’s the reason why I 

Carry on tradition.

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