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This situation is systemic

Every injury that they inflicted been intended 

Through the colonies and constitution they engineered and invented multiple

Ways to keep us forcibly enslaved and hold us indentured.

The resistance I amplify is endemic 

To a people to whom freedom has been their only incentive.

Since the placenta my ancestors been insisting 

That we get this devil off our neck where he been sitting.

It’s so reminiscent of George Floyd

We broadcasting live from the land of the Iroquois

It’s occupied territory Cali to Illinois

These colonizers use a white god, money and guns to fill a void.

That’s why my tribe rising up when my vocal hit the solenoid 

Spilling only the realest noise 

Sounding like something from the pages of W.E.B Du Bois in Ghana 

Next to Kwame Nkrumah

Jomo Kenyatta 

Or something 

From the pages of books written by Wallace Deen Muhammad’s father 

The Honorable Elijah

It’s Message to the Black man, Black woman, Black child 

However you Identify 

Revolution the only way that we all survive 

To y’all I testify and tell no lies 

Your boy’s been pushing the same line since 11:59 

That Freedom Reborn, Ghetto Messiah 

I speak to unify and electrify 

To get the ahks online 

Sipping my alkaline with Malcolm on my mind

At times I wonder how we looking through Malcolm’s eyes 

By any means necessary 

That can’t be overemphasized 

But some niggas only want to be legendary 

On the list of that hip hop top 5 

While them cops beat the homie until his dome lopsided 

Then they drop 5 in his back 

We watching it making comments on IG live

What your streams gotta do with us getting free

You only see your value through the master’s industries?

While the homie Kaepernick 

Was willing to risk it all getting on a bended knee

Ain’t no permanent friends or permanent enemies 

There’s permanent principle and our principle is getting free

But this minstrel show that we see through our live feed 

Courtesy of that F.B.I.G 

Snapchat, twitter, tik tok social media complex 

Artificial intelligence algorithms 

Global facial recognition systems

And we just trying to jailbreak a fire stick. 

Download the latest app, get some followers 

But they capture our data and follow us 

Weaponize our environment to swallow us

They do it all for that in god we trust

They ungodly and it’s so obvious.

Our only option is to go Mugabe 

Them ZANU soldiers up in the lobby 

Minister of Self Defense Huey P. Newton and Chairman Bobby 

Mixed in some Che 

With some Cabral 

And some Gaddafi 

You got me

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