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I guess we back to rhyming again,

America got us dying again,

eternal flame stay lit

that’s that fire within,

we see the devil in his truest form,

because he ain’t even hiding his sin.

We claim no easy victories,

meaning that we grind til the end,

the only options is we fight until we win.

Politicians playing they positions

standing in front of them television cameras

with a devilish grin

they lie and pretend

that their ambition is to make amends,

they really gonna make it end,

it’s so offensive, but in the distance

I see the silhouettes of young lions and panthers rising again

Huey P. up in the wicker chair beside us again,

Malcolm and Elijah,

Fannie Lou Hamer riding again,

feel the embrace of our ancestors they inviting us in,


Our enemy is on the periphery

we ain’t got no time for internal squabbles

or fighting within

Fight with the fury of David facing Goliath

or Daniel fighting for life in the lion's den,

Nat Turner spirit rising again.

My testament is to testify

on behalf of these stolen lives

all of their evil they justify,

the power of our people is to unify,

when we do it we seize the time,

this moment is do or die,

this is a movement to free our lives

some of ya'll cooning

because you're choosing to stay glued to your master’s side

when the revolution moving through

we won’t let that pass or slide


If you lie down with dogs you're gonna get fleas
If you align your cause with the pigs,

then you ain’t kin to me

when it all falls down keep that same energy,

we assembling the free like we're Jean-Jacques Dessalines

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