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This video series can be helpful for English Language Arts, Art Classes & for English Language Learners.

Session 1 (Creating From Your Voice)

Session 3 (Speaking To What's Going On)

Session 2 (Telling Your Story)

Session 4 (Putting Your Full Self Into Your Work)

Session 5 (Create What Makes You Proud)

Community & Cultural Experts

Manny Lieras

Doctora Vanessa Ochoa

Jasmin Tobar

Eileen Lei

Tyson Amir

Jose Lopez

Doctor Jake Gordon

Madenh Hassan

Additional FSMEI Curriculum Content

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FSMEI  Video Content

Tradition Verse 1

Tradition is one of Tyson Amir's original songs. Enjoy.

Tradition Verse 2

Click the video if you're ready to go even deeper with Tradition.

Between Huey & Malcolm

Tyson Amir performing his poem Between Huey & Malcolm in Beijing, China.

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