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uMkhonto we Sizwe

(Spear of the Nation)

Verse 1

When my pen taps the paper the ink begins to dance. 

It's never choreographed 

these are the stories of warriors past/passed. 

Adrenaline rush 

Feel the euphoria blast 

it registers in the pleasure centers of the brain.

Gotta em swimming in that dopamine 

like these bars were dipped in Coke and lean, 

that boy flow so mean like he Gene Okerlund, 

but back to my opus though 

my focus be 

on the level of Stockely in 63 

y'all can quote me 

I wrote this for my people to be free. 

I'm Moses 

holding some scrolls and 

Some manuscripts 

in the face of pharaoh 

telling him that the God exists. 

And he told me that you need to give my people release 

and if you don't it's finna be some blood up in the streets. 

Or some sacrificial lambs or some ham or some sheep, 

put them heads on a platter if they really want beef. 

Is it the weakness of man, is it the weakness of his flesh? 

That out of hubris makes him choose the route 

That’s leading to his death.

I know his decision before I finish my sentence.

His arrogance will make him send his calvary and henchmen. 

So it's on, 

we at the dawn of a new beginning. 

It's that karmic divine justice 

he know he losing and we know we winning. 

That's why what I write be on that excellence of Richard wright 

and what they write be on that level of some Fisher Price. 

They juvenile, infantile with they proverbs 

me vs. their style 

that’s a prophet vs a toddler. 

So what you hearing when I rock 

these are God's words

I ain't the author though. 

I’m just a vessel for this awesome awkward flow.

I tried to tell y’all a long time ago 

I'm freedom fighting every time I rock a microphone. 

Verse 2

In Tanzania with some Sandinistas

or Zapatistas

trying to free Mumia

we cooking up that ether.

I send it to em through the speaker,

that's the main reason your main mans don't want me for no features.

Plus the fbi be on your boy they playing following the leader.

They don't want Ty to rile up them lions who been sleeping.

I'm out the matrix, off the deep end,

now for weekends;

I'm in the wild with a pack of heathens fire breathing,

because my audio when it hit the barrio 

make the gente turn up to that Black Panther Party flow.

Once we turn up ain't no turning down,

we just gonna burn it down.

I'm out at burning man Heath ledger style

with a joker smile

telling everybody gather round.

I'm pouring gasoline on a burning stacked money pile.

Watching they gods going up in flames

B-dot said they pray for change ($) 

We pray for change

our gods are not the same. 

That's why Pedagogy be my testimony

Man, I flip bars Dominique Dawes to Bela Karolyi 

Man, I quick draw that Pixar to illustrate the story

Uncle Toms turn informants going Axel Foley.

Man, they catching feeling off of what I said

they looking like emojis.

It's all factual because this the path before me.

That's why I break bread with the homies

Y'all can pass the pozole 

Tyson OnBEATS 

Purpose Tradition

back to back like Shaq and Kobe. 

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