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Out (2005)



He was born out of wedlock,

In and out of the arms of his pop

Who was in and out of trouble 

until he got shot.

His mom in-between jobs,

She in and out of relationships

He starts sliding in and out of the house quick.

At school, lessons go in one ear out the other 

outside his window he sits to watch the gangsters and hustlers 


in and out of new cars 

and new shoes 

that cash go in and out of their pockets

to keep em looking brand-new.

He's just a youth 

easily influenced,

so he's intrigued

by these cats with no job

getting money without a degree. 

So he 

starts cutting classes 

then drops out of school 

Now his hands are in and out of his pockets with rocks like them other dudes

He's a pawn in this game

that's hard to break out 

He hangs out on the block 

as this new scene plays out 

the decision’s laid out 

it's either

you in or you out. 

Without a doubt he jumps in 

scene one fade out.

His moms, she out of his life now 

because she's living right now. 

She tells him to stop hustling 

that's the same path your pop went down. 

He can't hear her

he blocks it out,

back on the block where the cops is out. 

They staking him out because now he's got clout. 

An undercover approaches to buy 

he had a notion something was strange 

but he ignored it because he's out of his mind, 

he's drunk and he's high.

Product and paper exchange hands 

PD jump out of three gray vans with guns drawn 

he's told 

"hands out your pockets better keep them high!" 

His mom's prophecy comes true ain't no escaping this time. 

He's now property of the state 

and can't wait to get out but on the outside life doesn't wait 

he finds out his woman is late 

another born out of wedlock 

away from the arms of his pop 

who's going to spend the years of his son's life behind the doors of a cellblock. 

When will this nonsense stop?

Y'all got to tell me when will this nonsense stop?

His baby is getting older now 

starting to crawl

you see youngster out on the yard playing basketball. 

You see him out by the three- point line busting his J 

with no thought of changing his life when he gets out someday.

He can't seem to think outside of the box 

or outside of his block 

he's preparing

to spend his life in jail

or outlined in chalk.

Because on them streets you're always outnumbered 

and outgunned 

prison and death are the only logical outcomes.

But he's way out of control 

he's in and out of the hole 

is he ever going to figure it out

and break out 

this outlaw Scarface complex

Meanwhile his son is without a father 

who lives without a conscience

Because it was underdeveloped 

enveloped by these hellish streets 

I just tell it how I see it 

some of y'all claim these words sound bleak 

I would prefer if these stories never came out my mouth 

but I am going to speak to the madness until my folks break out.

Break out! 

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