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Verse 2


they seek refuge

pray to be rescued from the streets, 

watch your step around every corner the angel death looms, 

to escape traps, u gotta be Bobby Fisher or Fresh 

so ill with them chess moves. 

bishops stickup kids run you for your dress shoes, 

the rooks cook the books, 

the pawn is on the take, 

the knight uphold government mandate, 

slaving for the magistrate.  

The queen, she really run things, 

the king’s a lame, 

he trying to get busy with other chambermaids, 

chaos all over the board, 

still this the game that we play.  

Pieces we dealt, 

Bruh, they thieving your wealth, 

Man gone wild, 

this is what happens when the human species rebels, 

meeting with iblis and them leeches, on that path to hell. 

I had to stepback, i'm rooftop room with a bird’s eye view

sky covered with poisonous fumes, plumes of smoke, 

from the pollution makers, goons in coats, cloak and dagger 

to keep u on the plantation 

can't breathe your throat closed with asthma. 

Pharmaceutical Albuterol until the lungs dissolve.  

If man’s the problem, how it ever gonna be solved? 

Step into my cipher and let these thoughts revolve.  

Step into my cipher and let these thoughts revolve

man, uh time to evolve

and what’s it called?


It’s the Karma of the streets


the tragedy, the comedy, the drama of my peeps, 

the victims of economy

the slave traders colony. 

so follow me as we wander free, uh 

through the karma of streets   

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