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FSMEI's Non-Profit

About FSMEI’s Non-Profit Initiatives

Freedom Soul Media Education Initiatives is a revolutionary consultancy firm which works to transform the world of education. FSMEI was founded by Tyson Amir: freedom fighter, poet, educator, and author of Black Boy Poems.  


For the last 7 years, FSMEI has brought radical educational experiences to campuses across the Bay Area. We’ve trained educators on equity in the classroom, and taught students about Black revolutionary history. Through partnering with schools and school districts, we’ve been able to organize more than 350 programs and serve over 30,000 students.


We also firmly believe in education taking place outside of the classroom, and especially in bringing transformative experiences to young folks who may not otherwise be able to access them. As we expand the non-profit division, our goal is to bring all of FSMEI’s educational programs and development resources to communities free of charge.


We cannot achieve our mission alone. We rely on generous support from individuals like you to bring our unique, quality programs to those who need them most. Your contribution directly impacts the lives of students, families and communities, providing them with invaluable life skills, resources, opportunities and knowledge.

Want to get involved? Learn more about our Black August Summer Institute here:

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