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Excellence (2015)

ExcellenceTyson onBEATS
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Verse 1


Step in the booth my headphones playing 

I find my square, my center, my foundation.

What the track feeling like? 

It's excellence 

I was destined to carry the message of my ancestors and overthrow their oppressors

This is our testament 


Like that dude on the road to Damascus

he had a vision that the Christ had arisen and started asking, 

"why you persecuting them souls that believe in my chapters?"

On the day I was born I was informed of responsibility

because of who I was named after. 

Told to guard my soul that I couldn't serve two masters. 

That the world I would know would be cold and would bold to lie to my face

and tell me that I didn't matter. 

Try to have me on the outside looking in. 

That forced me to find that excellence that's deep within. 


articulate it

and orchestrate it,

then spit it in statements to the natives.

That's revolution through the pen.

I know I stand on the shoulders of greatness and I'm thankful

because my life is a manifestation of your sacrifices so that we could make it.


Aye, y'all I feel my ancestors when I'm channeling

Sometimes this flow it be like time traveling

I am you and you are me that's how it's always been.

That's how it always be

All them stories that you carried deep

them moments with no rest where you could barely sleep

with them chains on your neck so you could barely breathe,

when they tried to hold you down so you could barely reach

but you still dreamed a better place for your seeds.

See we the offspring of deferred dreams

We undeterred that's why this victory is a sure thing.

We excellent I know you heard me

Give me a minute I'm finna show you what that word mean

We excellent.

Verse 2


I'm back on my excellence

like we never ever left it friend

I do this for my seeds that yet to live

so they understand when I represent it's the best I give

that's what our people did.

That's what they fought and they died for

that's what they woke up every morning at the crack of dawn to rise for

in the face of hate

they kept they eyes on the prize for

Man, this what I got pride for

everyday this what your boy strive for

I never let them put the blindfold on that divine gold

which lies deep inside our souls

I let that excellence shine bold and remind those

that no weapon formed against me shall prosper that's Isaiah 5-4

chapter and verse, man 17

See, the power of a word it can set you free

like when he told Muhammad just to read,

I carry what my ancestors invest in me

so I could be the best me that I was meant to be

It's a blessing every time I hear the choir sing

That we excellent

y'all we excellent

we so excellent

we excellent!

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