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Blue Devil

Boxed in on all sides nowhere to run or to turn to

I box concrete walls until my hands turn blue

broken and swollen knuckles

skin torn and chapped

I find freedom in syntax that seeps through the cracks 

in the walls

to reach them cats still on the outside

how many years have I been on the inside

I lost count

days become nights, weeks become years

planets revolve around the sun

I'm still stuck inside here

evolved into an animal 

forgot what the world looked like.

Push-ups and sit-ups prepare me for fist fights

they move me through the prison population 

cuffs fit my wrist tight

I'm at my wits end because my bid is life.

Can you imagine being locked in a cage 

for the rest of your days plus some?

I'm surrounded by shadows and dark thoughts 

of making my heart stop

with bad habits and odd customs.

Try to hang myself when the doors are locked

to make it stop

but more of us get locked up everyday

over 2 million and counting

from a bird's eye view I have flashbacks of old days

how they carried us away from our homes shackled in chains

deja vu because modern day prisoners are slaves.

Check your constitution I ain't the first one to say it

the prison industry is the new slave ship, slave ship.



Innocence a commodity that's bought and sold

but oddly escapes the possession of my black body

I manifest Rodney King dreams 

when I hear license and registration

because reaching for my ID could be 

justification for my homicide 

the wrong color at the wrong time

you a fool if you believe justice is colorblind.

In the belly of the beast on streets I stand

with hands cuffed behind my back 

and get beat with black wood objects

in Oklahoma City 

or smashed on hoods of squad cars in Inglewood projects

already walking with chains around my neck

they just ain't found a crime to convict me of yet

but as I speak they framing crime scenes to confine me

so what I'm rhyming about be pertinent 

because police interaction be beyond permanent.

Pigs becoming judge, jury, and executioner

majority of pigs are white 

and this is why some might compare white folks to Lucifer.

For many this life be a living hell

so we rebel in these streets 

screaming and yelling

product of environment so therefore I'm a son of rebellion.

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