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Black Literary Collective @ Palo Alto Networks

The BLC will be providing programing for the employees of PANW, as well as family members of PANW employees. The first two BLC program offerings will be A Blank Canvas and Voices in Action. Black Literary Collective was founded by a group of successful Black Authors in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the mission of providing revolutionary culturally relevant educational opportunities for schools, companies/organizations and the larger Black community.

A Blank Canvas facilitated by Michael Davis

Ideal for individual and small group participation 

The objective of this trauma-based Creative Writing Forum is to provide a safe arena for healthy and dynamic written creative expression inspired by a participant’s lived experience in the face of today’s racially charged climate. 


Since writing can be such an incredible platform for self-exploration, reflection, and growth, it is essential that individuals be allowed to voice their truest sentiments as it relates to themselves, the workplace, and their respective communities concerning matters of race, bias, and personal values/beliefs. 


Throughout this Creative Writing Forum, participants will use the medium of prose to explore their deepest thoughts and feelings concerning issues of race/social-injustice/and traumatizing stress in the workplace or their everyday lives through various writing exercises and group discussions, bringing about a greater understanding of their anger, pain, power, and most importantly, their sense of self and community. 

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Voices in Action facilitated by Tyson Amir

Ideal for large group participation 

The Voices in Action program is focused on bringing voices and experiences in our community together in a dynamic way. We have an incredible amount of power in our stories. Especially when we share our stories with our family and community. V.I.A. will support Palo Alto Networks by providing a platform that will allow participants to be grounded in their experiences and stories. We will then harness the power of our experiences and stories in a published anthology that will speak to our history and this current moment in time in the Black Experience. 

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